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Fans of the Channel 4 soap Hollyoaks will have seen the story of Luke and his son Ollie unfolding.  It is not just any soap opera storyline about dementia, but an unusual one both in terms of its portrayal and the apparently meticulous research that the actors and programme makers have done.  Luke has been … Read more

JDC Research Summaries 

Community Support Services  Current policy guidance recommends that people diagnosed with mild-to-moderate dementia receive information and psychosocial interventions to improve their ability to ‘live well’ but it remains unclear to what extent this is achieved. This study collected information from over 1500 people living with dementia and over 1200 carers in England. It identified that … Read more


VIPS practice model in primary healthcare  Professionals in services that had used the VIPS practice model in Norway for over 12 months were interviewed. These included nursing home physicians and managers/ leaders of domestic care, day centres and activity services.   The findings after VIPS implementation show a change in focus from task to person, a … Read more

Introducing CHARM: the Care Home Action Researcher-in-residence Model

Carrying out research in care homes can be challenging because it fails to consider resources within those homes or take a collaborative approach.  In the first of a series of articles Isabelle Latham and colleagues introduce their answer to this problem, the Care Home Action Researcher-in residence Model (CHARM), and explain how it works.  Conducting research in care … Read more

Bridging the generation gap: enlisting student support to improve well-being.

Lesley Hobbs, Tony Charlton and Stuart Wright describe a study in which older secondary school students were supported and helped to befriend ‘low interacting’ care home residents, including those with dementia.Author/s: Lesley Hobbs, Tony Charlton, Stuart Wright For the full article please see the PDF download linked to the right. The full JDC archive is … Read more

Intermediate care: evaluating a specialist home treatment service

Intermediate care services for people with dementia are being developed in a number of areas but currentresearch on effectiveness is limited. Here Alison Culverwell and Alisoun Milne describe the initial evaluationof a multidisciplinary service providing specialist mental health intermediate care for people withdementia. A range of meaningful and positive outcomes were identified for the majority … Read more

Recognising the needs of children of younger people with dementia.

While research has explored the impact of caring on younger people, little is known about the impact on children of having a parent with dementia. Emma Svanberg summarises the process children go through in order to adapt to dementia in a parent, and suggests ways in which services can take their experiences into account.Author/s: Emma … Read more

‘New beginnings’: towards distributed responsibility in memory services.

Sean Page, Kevin Hope and Chris Maj describe the second phase of the New Beginnings project in the Ashton, Wigan and Leigh Memory Assessment Service.Author/s: Sean Page, Kevin Hope, Chris Maj For the full article please see the PDF download linked to the right. The full JDC archive is available if you subscribe.