In conjunction with the UK Dementia Congress, the September/October issue is a special Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) edition, available to anyone for free.


Welcome to the brand-new website of the Journal of Dementia Care (JDC). JDC was successfully launched by Hawker Publications almost thirty years ago, becoming the leading publication and events team for professionals working within the dementia sector. JDC has now been bought by a not-for-profit Community Benefit Society, Dementia Publishing, whose founder directors are Dr Richard Hawkins, Barbara Stephens and Sue Benson.  As the new owners we are committed to providing you with all that is so much loved and valued at JDC plus a lot more: the Journal itself of course now in an electronic format, this much more extensive website,, and dementia-focused newsletters and events including the UK’s largest annual event for dementia care professionals, UK Dementia Congress.


Recommended by experts
The whole content of the Journal of Dementia Care is inspiring and very interesting. I have read a lot, but your magazine is different because of the personal stories and experiences of people who live with dementia, care for them and want to contribute to a quality life with this disease. It is important for all professionals to study and improve facilities and care for people with dementia.” Hana Zummerová,  social worker in a care home for elderly people and master’s degree social work student (innovation in social facilities), SeneCura SeniorCentrum Liberec, Czech Republic.

“Over many years, the JDC and the UK Dementia Congress have provided a forum for the exchange of ideas and information between all those involved with dementia. They have been found invaluable by all those working in the public, voluntary or private sector, whether they have been people living with dementia, care staff, family carers, researchers, clinicians or policy makers. The rise in numbers of people with dementia in the UK and worldwide means there is even greater need for such channels of information. There is now a golden opportunity, using the new technologies, to build on past achievements to disseminate information more effectively both nationally and internationally. The experience and expertise gained in the past by those running  JDC and the UK Dementia Congress means they are in a unique position to advance and enhance communication in this field.” Dr Nori Graham, Old Age Psychiatrist, former Chairman of the Alzheimer’s Society and former Chairman of Alzheimer’s Disease International. Currently  Vice President of the Alzheimer’s Society, Vice President of Alzheimer’s Disease International and Specialist  Adviser in Mental  Health and Dementia to Care UK.

“JDC is the ‘go to place’ and ‘must have’ for any dementia practitioner or dementia team either wanting to improve themselves or wanting a question answered about what works best. And for employers it’s a low cost, high value way to nurture and sustain their workforce. It really does sustain those who thrive on ideas and are willing to imagine, to try and to give more”. Jude Sweeting, Head of Quality and Enjoyment, Ladder to the Moon, Non-executive Director, Dementia Pathfinders, Trustee, Resonate Arts

“The Journal of Dementia Care is a must read for anyone working in dementia care. It is a trusted source of information, guidance and practical ideas for how to best support people affected by dementia”. Professor Claire Surr, Professor of Dementia Studies and Director of the Centre for Dementia Research, Leeds Beckett University