Welcome from Mark Ivory, Sue Benson and the JDC team

We are delighted to bring you this special issue of the Journal of Dementia Care looking at equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in dementia care. Inequality and discrimination are regrettably still commonplace in the care system, both in access to services and health outcomes. To help address this, prompted by Lucy Whitman and other members of the … Read more

Who put this special extended issue of JDC together?

This issue of the Journal of Dementia Care was edited by Lucy Whitman and David Truswell with support from Karan Jutlla, Toby Williamson, Jennifer Lim and Jude Sweeting. All of us are members of the Dementia Community EDI working group (a sub-group of the Dementia Community Advisory group with a special interest in EDI). The … Read more

Putting EDI into practice – key principles and guidelines

Williamson T (2023) Putting EDI into practice – key principles and guidelines. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)12-15. What do the terms equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) mean in dementia care, what is their legal basis and how can they be effectively implemented?  Toby Williamson and colleagues explain the key terms and principles and provide practice … Read more

Diversity and inequality in dementia care

Manthorpe J (2023) Diversity and inequality in dementia care. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)15-17 There are notable inequalities both among people living with dementia and within the dementia care workforce. Jill Manthorpe explores the many social factors that can determine people’s experience of dementia and dementia services, and argues that reducing inequalities needs to be … Read more

The Blue Road to Recovery

Amanze R (2023) The Blue Road to Recovery. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)18-19. Ronald Amanze (aka Ronald Ferguson) is writing a book about his life with dementia, with help from David Truswell. Here is an edited extract from Chapter 2: The Blue Road to Recovery. I want to be honest about my experiences and what I feel. Especially as someone … Read more

Portrait of a researcher

Whitman L (2023) Portrait of a researcher. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)19-20 Teresa (Dory) Davies was diagnosed with dementia 11 years ago and is a Dementia Pioneer, one of a group of people living with dementia leading the Dementia Enquirers programme She told Lucy Whitman how dementia has ‘given me wings!’ I was 59 when … Read more

Caring without culturally appropriate support

 Brar-Orgill J (2023) Caring without culturally appropriate support. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)20-21 Jagdish Brar-Orgill describes caring for her mother with dementia at a distance without culturally appropriate support, and shares the pain of her mother’s last days in a hospital ward without compassionate end of life care. A year after my husband and I … Read more

Once I had a secret love

Whitman L (2023) Once I had a secret love. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)22. Pauline and Hilary Nowell talk to Lucy Whitman about the value of “rainbow” support groups for LGBTQ+ people affected by dementia Since Pauline’s diagnosis with vascular dementia in 2019, she and her wife Hilary have received excellent personalised support from their … Read more

Using co-production to create culturally inclusive dementia resources

Jutlla K (2023) Using co-production to create culturally inclusive dementia resources. Journal of Dementia Care 31(5)23-24.   Family carers are often poorly supported by care services, especially in minority ethnic communities. Karan Jutlla celebrates a successful community initiative in Wolverhampton to co-design the resources carers need. Family carers are the largest resource for dementia care...

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