Who put this special extended issue of JDC together?

This issue of the Journal of Dementia Care was edited by Lucy Whitman and David Truswell with support from Karan Jutlla, Toby Williamson, Jennifer Lim and Jude Sweeting.

All of us are members of the Dementia Community EDI working group (a sub-group of the Dementia Community Advisory group with a special interest in EDI). The idea of creating a special EDI issue of JDC was proposed at an open workshop which we hosted at UK Dementia Congress 2022.

We are very grateful for the support of Mark Ivory and Sue Benson, editor and managing editor respectively, of the Journal of Dementia Care, who agreed to let us “guest edit” this special issue. When we found we had collected more material than would fit into a regular edition, they kindly agreed that this could be an extended issue, with a more generous wordcount, giving contributors enough space to avoid oversimplifying complex matters. We also greatly appreciate the decision to produce this special issue in print, in addition to the standard online version, to maximise its impact.

Please do share and promote this issue to everyone in your network!

Lucy Whitman is a writer and editor and former carer for her mother with dementia. Her two anthologies, People with Dementia Speak Out, and Telling Tales About Dementia: Experiences of Caring are published by JKP. Lucy worked in the voluntary sector for 15 years, supporting people with dementia and carers, most recently at Opening Doors (https://www.openingdoors.lgbt) where she developed services for LGBTQ+ people affected by dementia.

David Truswell worked in community based mental health services for over 30 years, developing services for people with complex care needs and enduring mental health problems. He is an independent writer who contributes regularly to journals and practice handbooks, and is a Board member of Dementia Community. His book Supporting People Living with Dementia in Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic Communities is published by JKP.

Dr Karan Jutlla is head of the Health Research Centre and Dementia Lead at the University of Wolverhampton. Karan’s interest in the challenge of dementia care in South Asian communities is fuelled by both her personal and professional experiences. Her work includes projects supporting policy makers and service providers to deliver superb outcomes for a neglected but growing part of the community. See www.drjutlla.com

Toby Williamson is an independent consultant conducting research, evaluation and service and policy development work in adult and older people’s mental health, dementia, and mental capacity. Working in both statutory and non-statutory organisations, he has developed and managed frontline services, as well as projects at strategic and national levels. Much of his work focuses on lived experience, rights, values and EDI. He is the co-author of The Dementia Manifesto, CUP, 2019.

Dr Jennifer NW Lim is a senior lecturer in public health at the University of Wolverhampton. Jennifer has over 20 years research experience working with minority ethnic communities in the UK to better understand their health needs, and co-produce culturally appropriate interventions to improve their quality of life. She is the creator of the first major project to build knowledge of dementia and brain health amongst Chinese communities in the UK.

Jude Sweeting has worked for over 30 years with statutory and independent sector organisations to improve dementia services. As a manager, leadership coach, facilitator, and consultant she has enjoyed the challenge of developing creative climates for problem solving and team wellbeing. She is currently a director of Dementia Pathfinders, Dementia Publishing and Resonate Arts.