Dementia Carers Count publish ‘Invisible’– A report into carer’s experiences 

Dementia Carers Count have published a stark report about dementia carers’ experiences based on responses to a survey of 1,314 dementia carers aged over 18 from across the UK undertaken between June and September 2023. 

The report details many findings, including that 9 in 10 dementia carers are reaching crisis points. 

Frances Lawrence, CEO Dementia Carers Count said: “Dementia carers are in desperate need of emotional and practical support to help them cope with the complexities of caring for someone living with dementia. However, carers have told us that they feel “invisible” to health and social care services and like they “don’t matter”. Only a quarter of dementia carers say that they have been able to access support when they have needed it and almost half have struggled to get advice from their local authority about how to pay for and organise any support.” 

You can read the report here: