England football players experience dementia empathy suit 

Alive Activities, in conjunction with Bristol Dementia Wellbeing Service, Alzheimer’s Society and the Football Association, has made a film showing three England footballers experiencing the dementia ‘Empathy Suit’. 

The ‘Empathy Suit’ is made up of 13 components which work to inhibit mobility, motor skills, vision and hearing. 

CEO of Alive Activities, Isobel Jones, says: 

“The Empathy Suit can be quite a moving experience, and we saw how surprised the players were to get a sense of some of the challenges people living with dementia often face. Of course, the most common symptoms of dementia, including memory loss and confusion, are non-physical, but what a lot of people don’t realise is the breadth of symptoms and challenges that can make everyday activities harder than usual.” 

You can view the film here: https://youtu.be/_l0LpKT9tuo?si=trHF1q8ITYf1n8Cb 

Alive Activities shared the information about this partnership here: https://x.com/aliveactivities/status/1772653952548380849?s=20