Garden action pack

Gardening for health charity Thrive has produced a garden action pack called Get Gardening Without a Garden.  The pack, intended for people with dementia among others, gives tips on experiencing the wellbeing benefits of gardening without having a garden.  There are sections on containers, window boxes, house plants and much more.

Research by Thrive indicates that nearly 80% of people living with dementia believe gardening helps improve their mental wellbeing. In a partnership with Dementia Adventure, the charity set out to improve gardening information for people with dementia and their carers.  Advice on gardening is given in an accessible format and is suited to people with any level of horticultural knowledge.

Thrive training, education and consultancy manager Damien Newman said: “It has long been recognised that being outside in the fresh air contributes to a feeling of wellbeing and that gardening can help ease a range of psychological and behavioural symptoms associated with the progressive decline of memory and intellectual functions.”

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