Housing shortfall

The shortfall of specialist housing for older people, which on one estimate will be 400,000 properties by 2035, is set to get worse in the coming decades unless there is decisive action, housing with care provider Anchor says in a new report.

Titled Fragmented UK, the report says the supply of older people’s housing is failing to keep up with demand, with just 0.6% of older people in the UK living in specialist accommodation such as retirement properties and supported housing.

Anchor’s research for the report surveyed what independence means for older people, finding that 82% valued making their own decisions, 74% wanted control over their own financial decisions, 75% wanted to live in their own home and 69% wanted to pursue their current way of living.

It is hoped that the report will give the task force for older people’s housing, part of the government’s levelling up white paper, pause for thought: “This report’s key findings highlight the important role older people’s housing can play for all areas of society,” it says.

Fragmented UK: Reconnecting people by creating communities where people love living in later life, available at www.anchor.org.uk.