Research links singing or playing a musical instrument with better brain health

New research from the University of Exeter has shown that people who join a choir or play a musical instrument have a better chance of retaining their memory and thinking skills as they age. 

The research is part of the PROTECT study, which aims to understand how the brain ages and how to reduce the risk of dementia and mental health issues in later life.  

Professor Anne Corbett, from the University of Exeter, said: 
“Our Protect study has given us a unique opportunity to explore the relationship between cognitive performance and music in a large cohort of older adults.  

Our findings indicate that promoting musical education would be a valuable part of public health initiatives to promote a protective lifestyle for brain health, as would encouraging older adults to return to music in later life. Overall, we think that being musical could be a way of harnessing the brain’s agility and resilience, known as cognitive reserve.”   

You can read the research here: 

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