Age UK analysis shows over 28,000 people died whilst waiting for social care support in 2022/23 

Age UK has published new analysis for 2022/23 that shows that 28,655 older people aged 65+ died before the social care they were waiting for began. 

The charity says this equates to an average of 79 deaths a day, 550 a week and 2,388 a month, figures that are similar to those from 2021/22. 

Age UK has also conducted some recent polling on social care that shows how hard it can be to access care and support and how much concern this is creating for those polled who were aged 50+. This included almost a fifth (19% – 4.9 million) of people being concerned about their ability to access dementia services, such as a Memory Clinic. 

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The full results from Age UK’s polling and policy analysis will be published in a few weeks.