Age UK report details delays in making home adaptations for older people 

Age UK has published a report entitled ‘A step change: improving delivery of the Disabled Facilities Grant’ that is calling on local authorities to improve the way they deliver home adaptations for older and disabled people. 

Age UK say that two-thirds of local authorities took longer than the recommended six months to deliver adaptations through the Disabled Facilities Grant, with the longest taking more than twenty-four months.  

Caroline Abrahams, Charity Director at Age UK, says: 

“The Disabled Facilities Grant is one of the few sources of Government funding directed at supporting older people to live in their own homes which has actually significantly increased in recent years, and with public money so tight it’s crucial that we make best use of it. Speedy installation of the right aids and adaptations is not only good for older people, it can also pay back in terms of the savings to the NHS and social care from enabling them to stay fit and well.” 

You can read the report here:–wellbeing/disabled-facilities-grant/the-disabled-facilities-grant-a-step-change-improving-delivery-of-the-disabled-facilities-grant.pdf