Call for better diagnosis and treatment for dementia with Lewy bodies 

The Lewy Body Society has used Dementia Action Week 2024 to call for better diagnosis and treatment of ‘the most common disease you have never heard of’. 

Jacqui Cannon, Chief Executive of the Lewy Body Society says: 

“Lewy body dementia is the second most common age-related dementia and third most common overall. Officially, it accounts for 5% of all dementia cases, however experts put the figure closer to 15%.  

Medical professionals frequently misunderstand – or miss entirely – LBD’s symptoms as they are not necessarily the same as Alzheimer’s or it is confused with Parkinson’s. As a consequence, around half of all people with Lewy body dementia will have received a different – wrong – diagnosis initially.” 

Jacqui adds: 

“We are calling on the Government and the NHS to commit to improving the quality of diagnosis and post-diagnostic support for ALL dementias, including Lewy body dementia.” 

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