Musings ‘through the fog’

A new compilation of the thoughts and poetry of Peter Berry has been published in book form under the title Walk with Me: Musings Through the Dementia Fog.  Published on Amazon in December (£10.99), Peter’s words were captured by his friend Deb Bunt, who has spent the last two years jotting them down. The book is illustrated with photos of Suffolk taken by local photographer Daniel Ruffles.  Journalist and podcaster Pippa Kelly praised Peter’s “pithy way” with words.  “Peter’s warmth and wit shine through,” she said. “Dementia nearly destroyed him, cycling saved him and now he’s on a constant mission to pedal down his demon and show others how they – in their different ways – might do the same.”  It follows publication of Peter’s first book – Slow Puncture, Living Well with Dementia – published by the Book Guild in September 2020 (£9.99).