The Marmalade Trust promote the power of micro-connections to combat loneliness 

The Marmalade Trust, a charity raising awareness of loneliness, is promoting micro-connections for their annual awareness campaign – Loneliness Awareness Week – by encouraging everyone to enjoy Random Acts of Connection. 

The Marmalade Trust say: 

“Almost half of the population of the UK report feeling lonely at least some of the time, and loneliness is on the rise, with many more people in the UK feeling lonelier since the pandemic.  

Micro-connections are all about those small, simple interactions in life – stepping outside of your comfort zone and starting a conversation, joining a new group, smiling at someone on the street, or reconnecting with an old friend. It is proven that these small connections help us feel happier, more connected and less lonely; ultimately creating more connected communities.” 

You can find out more about Loneliness Awareness Week by visiting, see connection ideas here:, view events taking place here: and learn more about loneliness (including how it affects older people and can increase the risk of cognitive decline) here: