Give decaf a go!’ – Decaffeination and falls prevention report launched 

Care England, Stow Healthcare and University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust (UHL) has conducted a 6-month trial at eight care homes that has shown switching to decaffeinated hot drinks cuts toilet-related falls by 35%. 

The trial followed a similar initiative by UHL in 2021, where it was found that switching to decaffeinated drinks reduced bladder and bowel urgency in those with an overactive bladder or incontinence. Within three months, toilet-related falls in the hospital were down by 30%.  

Professor Martin Green, Chief Executive at Care England, says:  

“When we first heard about the results of UHL’s decaf trial in a hospital setting the potential benefits for social care were immediately clear. For such a simple, cost-neutral solution to have such a profound impact is extraordinary. With a huge national focus on reducing pressure on the NHS, this pioneering trial demonstrates that simple solutions can help address enormous challenges. Give decaf a go!” 

Ruth French, Director at Stow Healthcare, says:  

“To achieve a falls reduction of 35% connected to going to the loo is a significant finding for us all in social care. The impact of a serious fall can have devastating consequences, and finding simple ways such as decaf drinks that might reduce this risk is ground-breaking. We hope it will inspire everyone in social care to take up the challenge!”  

You can read the report here: