Homecare Association publish ‘Expecting the unexpected’ report 

The Homecare Association has published a new report, ‘Expecting the Unexpected: Homecare providers’ views of hospital discharge’.  

The report, which collates findings from focus groups with homecare providers and a survey of Homecare Association members, shows the importance of getting the discharge process right to minimise stress and prioritise each person’s needs. 

Key statistics include: 

  • 35% of homecare providers said most discharges they were involved in were not safe 
  • 55% of homecare providers said discharge paperwork doesn’t reflect the person’s needs and views 
  • 63% of homecare providers said people are being discharged from hospital too soon, leading to readmission. 

The experiences of people with dementia are documented in the report. You can find out more here: https://www.homecareassociation.org.uk/resource/homecare-association-publishes-report-on-hospital-discharge.html