Memory assessment best practice

A best practice guide for memory assessment services (MAS) has been produced by the Centre for Dementia Research at Leeds Beckett University, which was commissioned by NHS England and Improvement Cymru.

The “Taking Memory Assessment Services into the Future” good practice guide was developed by professionals and people with experience of these services.

Professor Claire Surr, who led research for the guide, said it would help improve practice.  “It will help MAS who wish to develop their practice to identify areas that they might seek to improve and ways they might approach this,” she said.

“It is designed to be used flexibly by the services and to inspire them and encourage innovation and shared learning.

Steve, who has been diagnosed with vascular dementia, said post-diagnostic follow-up by the service would have been helpful.

“I think one thing that would be very useful would be if they say, ok, we’ll see you again in six months or three months or a year,” he explained.  “At the moment we’re floating around.”

Professor Alistair Burns, NHS England’s national clinical director for dementia, said a timely diagnosis and post-diagnostic support were key.  “Our aspiration is that by showcasing this good practice, it will inspire others and lead to lasting improvements in care.”