New music playlists

Charities Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) and Music for Dementia have teamed up on a programme to provide new music playlists for broadcast and to encourage more people with dementia to volunteer for research.

In return for supplying playlists for Music for Dementia’s  radio stations, ARUK hopes that more volunteers will come forward for a new study to explore music as a therapy.  It will involve signing up to the research platform Join Dementia Research.

Professor Keith McAdam is looking for 1,000 volunteers to take part in the study, which will investigate whether personalised music listening could improve behaviour and psychological symptoms.

ARUK CEO Hilary Evans, who has made her own playlist for m4dradio, said music played an important role in many people’s lives.

“Dementia stands out as a condition that carries an enormous impact but is met by a desperate lack of effective treatments, and research offers the best hope for changing this.”

For more information on Join Dementia Research, go to