Teenagers affected by dementia wanted for research

Francesca Taylor-Coleman, an artist who lives in Dundee, is looking for volunteers who were teens when a parent was diagnosed with cognitive impairment to participate in research into the impact of dementia on children.  

The aim of Francesca’s research, which is supported by Age Scotland’s ‘About Dementia’ Project, is to make sure that the children of those with dementia are better supported. This follows Francesca’s own experiences as a 14-year-old six years ago when her dad, Ron Coleman, who is a co-founder of Deepness Dementia Media, was diagnosed with dementia in his 50s. 

Francesca says she was hit hard by her dad’s dementia diagnosis but has developed a passion to ensure others learn from her experiences. 

Francesca said:  

“I think that schools in particular need to step up for kids who are carers or have a parent with dementia or a disability and have support for them. If they don’t that’s going to affect their education long term. I thought by this time I wouldn’t have my dad anymore but that’s not the case. He still remembers about 50% of our conversations and I’ll take that 50%.” 

To participate in this research, contact Francesca by email: aboutdementia@agescotland.org.uk. 

Find out more about Age Scotland’s ‘About Dementia’ Project here: https://www.ageuk.org.uk/scotland/what-we-do/dementia/about-dementia/about-the-project/ 

Read more about Francesca and Ron’s story here: https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/lifestyle/health-wellbeing/4857083/francesca-taylor-coleman-dementia-children/