Value of early diagnosis

“We can diagnose and start to manage dementia earlier than we do currently,” the Chief Medical Officer’s Report on Health in an Ageing Society has admitted. Professor Chris Whitty’s annual report touches on dementia in several places, including in a chapter on secondary prevention and early diagnosis in older age. “An early diagnosis and access to the right services and support can help people take control of their condition, plan for the future and live well with dementia,” it continues.  The report presents a comprehensive review of how people can achieve a healthier old age and the way services should be structured to support it.  Fiona Carragher, Alzheimer Society’s director of research and influencing, said: “We welcome the light that this report shines on the challenge of an ageing society and its recognition of the value of earlier dementia diagnosis.  The chief medical officer’s recommendations around involving more older people in research, and for better health data, will be key to tackling dementia.”  Click HERE to read the report