App launched to help detect UTIs

Newfoundland Diagnostics have collaborated with the Rightdose Self-Test and Treat App to provide an at-home test and treat service for those who test positive for urinary tract infections (UTIs). 

The process for patients involves ordering a UTI test, then using the QR code on the box to download and register with the Rightdose Test and Treat App. Patients perform the test, verify the results and, if positive, update the App, select medication and pay, with medication expected to arrive to the person’s door in 24 hours. 

This service, in addition to what GP surgeries and high street pharmacies offer, is designed to alleviate pressure on the NHS, particularly for individuals who would prefer to manage UTIs from the comfort of their own home, perhaps because they are a family carer or need to get treatment for a family member with dementia.  

The Rightdose Self-Test and Treat kit is here: (cost from £15). 

Prompt treatment of UTI’s is important, with NHS England highlighting last October that in the past five years there have been over 1.8 million hospital admissions involving UTI’s in England, most of them in people aged 65 or over. 

Read more about the NHS Awareness Campaign to reduce the risk of UTI’s here: