Alzheimer’s Society champion VR technology

Alzheimer’s Society’s Accelerator Programme, that supports dementia innovation, has been hailing the success of Recreo VR.  

Recreo’s virtual reality headsets are being used in care homes to enable residents to experience environments that reflect their own personal histories, hobbies they’ve enjoyed and topics of interest from the past. 

Founders of Recreo VR, Sam and Alex, were inspired to create their product after seeing the transformation a journey to a beach had on Sam’s grandmother towards the end of her life. Joyce, who lived with dementia and had struggled with verbal communication for a long time, began to smile and engage in conversation during the trip. 

Sam and Alex have aimed to replicate Joyce’s experience on that beach using VR technology. They say of their work: 

“We believe that virtual reality has the power to transform the lives of residents, build social connections and enhance their quality of life. We want to empower care organisations to embrace new technology and create experiences in their settings that have noticeable impact on both residents, their families and staff that go beyond the traditional approaches.”

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