ARUK asks that hearing tests are included in NHS over-40’s health check

Following another study – this one from Denmark and published in JAMA Otolaryngology Head & Neck Surgery Journal – indicating a link between hearing loss and increased dementia risk, Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) have called for more to be done to detect mid-life hearing loss. 

The study, involving 573,088 adults in Southern Denmark, showed that hearing loss (which is estimated to affect 12 million people in the UK) was associated with a 7% higher risk of dementia. People with hearing loss who were not using hearing aids were at considerably higher risk of dementia compared with people with hearing loss who used hearing aids, suggesting that using hearing aids could prevent or delay the onset and progression of dementia. 

Dr Leah Mursaleen, Head of Clinical Research at ARUK, said:  

“Like dementia, losing your hearing is not an inevitable part of ageing and early intervention is crucial. That’s why we are urging the government to include a hearing check in the NHS Health Check for those over 40. This could help millions identify hearing issues sooner, and potentially reduce the risk of dementia.” 

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