Care funding: changes urged

As the Health and Care Bill reached the final stages of its progress through parliament on 23 March, Alzheimer’s Society urged the government to make last-minute changes to its plans for funding social care.

The charity warned that up to 80% of people living with dementia would not benefit from a proposed cap of £86,000 on what individuals have to pay for their social care during their lifetime.  Under existing plans, local authority social care funding will not count when the amount people have paid is calculated, meaning that the less well-off are penalised, in the Society’s view.

Calling for the means-tested local authority contribution to be included in the calculations, research director Fiona Carragher said: “People with dementia are the largest users of social care and many have faced crippling costs just to be able to live their lives with safety and dignity.

“The cap on care costs is a huge step forward – but the government must now take this moment to get the details right and ensure that it’s fair and equitable for all.

“Right now, the government’s proposals would benefit the wealthiest most and financially punish the less well off, particularly those outside of the south-east.”