Curiouser and curiouser

Curiouser and curiouser: An Alice in Wonderland aerial circus performed at Dorset dementia care home Fernhill, run by Colten Care.  “I really enjoyed the show,” said resident Joan Vohra, pictured with Colten companion Meizy Reynolds.  “The way they did it was something completely new to me.” Acrobats from the professional theatre company Dot Collective were dressed as the Mad Hatter and his companions.

Companion Meizy Reynolds (left) with resident Joan Vohra during the theatre performance in the garden of Fernhill.
The Dot Collective Theatre company paid a visit to Fernhill!
Sadly the weather conspired slightly against us but in true British fashion we braved the slight drizzle and enjoyed a standout performance from the wonderful performers of The Dot Collective as they presented a wonderful and acrobatic performance of ‘Alice in Aerialand’.
The fantastic four performers presented all the colourful characters from the Lews Carroll classic with Alice maintaining the inquisitive central character throughout. Using a combination of silks and hoops from their impressive set up the Collective wowed, entertained and made the residents laugh and even sing along!
It was a truly wonderful performance that thoroughly entertained the residents able to attend.
Formed in 2016 to provide innovative theatre of a high professional standard thats accessible and cognitively stimulating for those living in care, particularly for those living with Dementia,The Dot Collective has established strong relationships with care providers across the country including The Alzheimers Society. They will be bringing their show ‘Alice’s Adventures in Aerialand’: an open-air, aerial circus theatre production, adapted from Lewis Carroll’s classic tale. We are looking forward to seeing their performance out in Hazel House Group garden.
The Dot Collective’s Aerial circus adaptation is for all ages and abilities, especially adults, reminding us of that time growing up, when everything is contradictory; when you move into a world that seems unfair, with absurd rules and regulations which seems pure madness… still growing up it seems.
A story of wonder and nonsense laced with lethal wit, of games, of riddles and conundrums, of questions with no answers, but above all of magic and adventure in which everyone can lose themselves and revel in the nonsense.
A universal tale that reaches out t