E-learning: reflective practice

A new e-learning programme called “Care As You Are” is designed as a new approach to skills and practice development for staff in care and health organisations.  The aim is to develop reflective practice as a way to provide emotional support to family carers of people living with dementia.  The programme endeavours to go beyond knowledge-based e-learning, using a multi-media, modular approach to deepen understanding of the powerful emotional impact of caring for someone with dementia.

It features an 80-minute film drama, Care As You Are, about a carer’s journey in becoming a carer and developed and based on lived experiences of carers. The narrative of the film’s scenes drives the content and reflective learning activities of the programme. Comprehensive interactive activities are captured in accompanying workbooks.  For more information go to www.careasyouare.co.uk or email Stephen Moss on info@imaginage.co.uk