Forthcoming book from Emma Heming Willis

Bruce Willis’ wife, Emma, has announced plans to publish a book (currently untitled) in 2025 about her experiences as a carer to Bruce who lives with frontotemporal dementia. 

Emma said of her experiences of her husband’s dementia diagnosis: 

“For many people, their first touch point about this disease is received in their doctor’s office. I think it’s very important how this information from doctor to patient and loved one is relayed. Having resources and information readily available is imperative. I know between my experience and other care partners that I have spoken to; our stories are unfortunately similar. We left that office with close to no resources or support and with a diagnosis that I could hardly pronounce.” 

Emma said of her book: 

“I want this to be the book I wish I had when I left that visit. I want this book to land in the hands of care partners, but especially new care partners, who have just received this life-changing news. They should know they are not alone and there is support, even hope. In a perfect world, I envision this book in that doctor’s office, and he or she, puts it in their hands to bring home.” 

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