Human rights in care

Gaps remain in how vulnerable people are protected in care settings, a powerful parliamentary committee has found.

The Joint Committee on Human Rights warns that human rights in care settings are at risk and that cardio-pulmonary resuscitation notices and deprivation of liberty safeguards are often misapplied.

In its report “Protecting human rights in care settings” the committee calls on the government to work with the Care Quality Commission (CQC) to ensure stringent oversight of how care providers implement safeguards designed to protect the human rights of care users.

“We are concerned that too often safeguards are not being applied correctly,” said committee chair Joanna Cherry MP QC.  “Measures that should be tailored to individual needs, whether it concerns the right to a visit from a loved one or the question of whether someone should be resuscitated, are instead applied across a ward or age group.  This is wrong and should not happen.”