Living well with dementia

A new “Living with Dementia Toolkit,” drawing on the findings of a major research project led by Exeter University, offers advice, resources and personal accounts in what adds up to a comprehensive guide to living as well as possible with the condition.

The toolkit, launched at the ESRC Festival of Social Science in November, originated in the IDEAL project, which seeks to understand and find ways to improve the experience of dementia.  It is organised into five themes: stay safe and well, stay connected, keep a sense of purpose, stay active and stay positive, and includes some of the lessons emerging from Covid.

Some of the toolkit content was proposed by an involvement group of four people with dementia and four carers, facilitated by Rachael Litherland of Innovations in Dementia.  Practical advice and activities inspire people to stay connected and active, while videos, top tips, animations, poetry and the voices of people with dementia and their carers add an important dimension to the toolkit.

Professor Alistair Burns, national clinical director for dementia and older people’s mental health at NHS England, said: “The Living with Dementia Toolkit is a major resource developed through the extensive person-centred research project that learns how to optimise quality of life for people with dementia through the experiences of people living with the condition.

“It will be a very valuable resource for anyone involved in dementia diagnosis and care and will be of benefit to people living with the condition, their families and carers.”

Access the toolkit at