Quality of life resource

London housing and care provider Octavia and St Christopher’s Hospice are launching a resource to help care teams promote a better quality of life for people towards the end of their lives.

The “Better Lives, Better Endings” resource is aimed at care teams working in extra care housing and includes a range of tools to achieve better outcomes in the last two years of life.

Launched on 8 March, the resource will help extra care workers to be more confident in end of life care, supporting residents so that their wishes and preferences are met.

“We want [residents] to live well through to the end of their life and this means ensuring people’s wishes about how they want to live, where they would like to die, and what specific plans and preparations they want to make, are met,” said Octavia’s assistant director for care and support Neil McCarthy.  Go to www.octaviasupport.org.uk