Support for carers through music

The charity Music for Dementia is celebrating Carers Week this week (6-12 June) by highlighting the support on offer to carers – as well as the people they care for – to experience the therapeutic benefits of music.  In particular, the charity has turned the spotlight on Musica Music’s Press Play to Rewind programme, Playlist for Life, the Brain Charity’s Music Makes Us! programme, the Spitz Charitable Trust’s work bringing professional musicians into care settings, and the intergenerational music making programme Together with Music.  “Carers Week is a focal point in the calendar when we can stop and celebrate the valuable work of carers,” said Music for Dementia campaign director Grace Meadows.  “Music has many therapeutic benefits that can help carers to improve their own health and wellbeing and to manage the challenges and sometimes isolating experience of caring for someone living with dementia.”