Prevention campaign

Alzheimer’s Research UK (ARUK) has thrown its weight behind a multi-sector campaign for the UK government to put prevention at the heart of its levelling up agenda.

One of 47 organisations and charities joining the campaign coalition, ARUK says better prevention of dementia, among other conditions, would lay the foundation of a fairer, healthier nation.

The Department of Health and Social Care is conducting a review of health inequalities across the UK, due to be published as part of a Health Disparities White Paper to address the issue later this year.

“It is deeply unfair that those in poorer areas have a lower life expectancy than those in more affluent areas,” said ARUK head of policy Susan Mitchell.  “By adopting ambitious population-wide measures that involve government departments beyond health, and are backed with sufficient funding, we can improve the environments that people live in, and help individuals from diverse backgrounds to make positive changes to their lifestyle which can help support good brain health and reduce their risk of developing dementia.”