Report published

The Dementia Commission’s 2023 report has been published. The report is the result of a collaboration between a panel of Commissioners with a specialism in neurodegeneration and a research team from Curia. Together they examined case studies on neurodegenerative conditions and examples of best practice found through a series of inquiry sessions. 

The report looks at prevalence, future technologies, population health and engagement, and patients, carers and service design. 

 The report’s authors say of the work they’ve undertaken:  

During this inquiry, the Commissioners heard of the challenges faced by patients, carers and the health system, but there were also some reasons for optimism. Ill health in old age is not inevitable and the UK population is living longer, healthier lives. 40 per cent of dementia cases can be prevented through lifestyle changes to reduce key risk factors, and we stand on the cusp of revolutionary diagnostics and treatments that will improve people’s experiences of old age by reducing the onset of disease and the proportion of life that people live with significant disability.” 

You can read the report here: