Winners Announced

We are delighted to announce the winners of the 12th National Dementia Care Awards 2022

Exceptional Contribution by Person Living with Dementia Sponsored by HC-One

This is always a difficult category to judge, and this year was no exception: everyone living with dementia who contributes to the field of dementia care – in any way – is deserving of our recognition, applause and respect.

Chris Maddocks, chosen because by sharing her own lived experience, this nominee has significantly raised the profile of people living with Lewy body dementia and LGBTQ people with dementia. Her influence has broad scope and longevity and is highly effective. She richly deserves this accolade.

Ronald Amanze, chosen because this nominee is breaking new ground, raising the profile of people with dementia of African Caribbean heritage. Inspired by his musical talents, he is challenging preconceptions about the creative capabilities of people living with dementia. A worthy joint-winner of this award.

Best Dementia Care Team Sponsored by Porthaven

Dementia Companion Team Northern Ireland 

The judges had the genuine pleasure of judging the Best Dementia Team and it will come as no surprise that we were faced with four excellent finalists and the decision wasn’t easy, but after lengthy deliberation their choice was made because this team is driven and compassionate, providing valuable personalised support for people living with dementia following their admission into hospital. Every member of the team has a voice and makes a valuable contribution to delivering significant emotional and practical benefits for people living with the effects of dementia and their families.

Lifetime Achievement Award Sponsored by Care UK

Jackie Pool, QCS 

The judges reached their decision because Jackie has a long history in the provision of person-centred dementia care and in the development of tools and training that impact significantly on people living with dementia.

Tools such as the Digital Pool Activity Level (PAL) Instrument have been translated into many different languages and have sustained global reach. Seeing dementia care as a community responsibility Jackie works as a practitioner, teacher and researcher to ensure that people with dementia are living their best possible life. In essence Jackie embodies a person-centred approach to all those involved in a person’s dementia experience.

Best Dementia Care Home Sponsored by Omi

Pennystone Court

This care home is an exciting place to live and work.  Partnering with the community, they fundraise to bring innovative ideas to life that provide fulfilment every day for each person.

Most inspiring Leader Sponsored by Healthcare Management Systems

Suzanne Mumford, Care UK 

All four finalists were worthy of this award. But for her passion, innovation, expertise, approachability, ability to motivate, be a role model, and long commitment to dementia care we give this award to Suzanne Mumford

Best Dementia Care Home Manager Sponsored by Hallmark

Shona Bradbury, Care UK 

The judges were struck by Shona’s enthusiasm and her ability to reflect on her own development in order to benefit everyone who lives in, works in, and visits the home

Best Activity Provider/Lifestyle Lead Sponsored by NAPA

Emily Carver – Maycroft Manor Care Home, Hallmark 

As our audience knows full well, during COVID 19 and in the aftermath, care home staff worked tirelessly to meet the needs of their residents but lockdowns and visitor embargoes made the role of Lifestyles/Activity Coordinators particularly challenging. All four finalists in this category demonstrated their understanding that designing good quality activities begin with knowing the individual resident and all are to be congratulated for their professional dedication, skills and resourcefulness in enabling their residents to experience a good quality of life.

The judges chose Emily Carver because of her belief in the transformative power of creative arts, commitment to co-production, and outstanding programme management skills that so clearly enable Maycroft Manor residents to experience joyful and purposeful lives.